Modern Day Slavery


It is against the law to rape, kidnap, enslave, abuse, be violent to any human being and yet this happens every day to more than 22 million people. Children, young people and adults are being trafficked across the globe for sex, domestic servitude, labour and organ donations. It is the fastest growing form of international crime and is now the second largest illegal trade in the world.


Trafficking takes place when a victim is moved from one place to another for the purpose of exploitation.  The trafficker is able to control and exploit the victim through violence, coercion or deception, or a combination of these things. 


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Safe From Slavery launched the first UK long term aftercare programme for women rescued from sex slavery on 1st July 2014


"You may choose to look the other way but you can never again say you did not know"  -  William Wilberforce

If William Wilberforce was able to abolish slavery in 1833 with a small team of abolitionists, then we can certainly achieve this again with God's help in our generation.  Join the fight to abolish modern day slavery.